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Sep 04,  · PM. good evening, I have the Polycom HDX system, I want to know if I can integrate my equipment with the zoom to call and make video calls. PM. The CRC (Conference Room Connector) is available as an optional service. Apr 13,  · Join Your Meetings Easily, with Zoom Polycom Debut or Group Series Room Systems allow you to easily join your meetings via the web. You are able to begin or join Zoom meetings with little effort thanks to Polycom calendar integration, creating a simplified workflow, amazing audio and video sharing experience and enhancing communication between partners. Feb 14,  · The Polycom Trio is a device for the conference room that, when attached to a Zoom Room, can operate as a combination of a speakerphone and a controller. Zoom and Polycom have partnered to provide this combined solution by embedding the Zoom Rooms controller software within the Polycom Trio firmware. The Polycom Trio is available either as .


– Can you use polycom with zoom – can you use polycom with zoom:


Does Polycom Work With Zoom? If the number is available, dial that number. The meeting ID and the need to be entered. The passcode should be entered, followed by a number. When done, tap Close after selecting one-time dialing in. Press Settings Key. Select Advanced. Password for Admin enter the default Password. Select Administration Setting. Scroll down. Select Web Server Configuration. Use Web Server. Zoom will start dialing the room system.

If you made a mistake, choose Cancel. Otherwise wait for the Polycom system room occupants to answer.

If you are calling your own room, the Polycom system will start ringing after a moment or two. Answer on the Polycom system and the system will enter the call. At that point you can Call Out to another room. Scenario: If you are instructing from Colville and know your two classrooms at SCC and Newport, you can call yourself in and either provide the dial method string below to the remote sites or coordinate to call the sites from your Zoom session at a certain time.

Any user in the meeting can invite a Room System. This can be used by center managers, room managers or even students to connect to the meeting on a smart device, invite their local Polycom system and then exit the meeting on the smart device. For security purposes, a room system will not auto answer an incoming call – someone with access to the room will need to answer the call on the Touch Pad or Remote.

Pro Tip: If you are the host and instructing from a Polycom room and using the lectern PC, you can start the meeting on the PC, but the PC itself will not use the Polycom camera and mic system. You will need to either start the meeting from the lectern PC and then exit the meeting on the PC but leave the Polycom in the call or start the meeting on the lectern PC but keep the Zoom app muted camera mute, mic mute.

Polycom will enter the meeting directly or be held at a splash page until the Host Key is entered or until the Host starts the meeting via the Zoom client, on another Polycom, etc.

The default Active layout is used. Alternatively just 11 at the end would request the Gallery layout. Alternatively, the 11 or Layout options could be used As mentioned above, this will get a Polycom connected to the Zoom Cloud service, but all the other entries will need to be added by Touch Panel or Remote, following the prompts from Zoom.

You do not get a chance to enter the Layout options while connecting this way, but there are some menu driven options from Zoom that can be brought up by hitting 1, once in a call.

These menu changes and features are not guaranteed to work with every system and every call, so some experimenting might be needed to understand the best use cases.

Meeting Layout Options Not entering a Layout entry or 0 HostKey if you are the host in the dial string you will see the default layout, 11 will show Gallery, will show Full Screen. When to use the Host Key. Four ways Poly creates the best user and IT experiences for remote and office-based workforces. This video provides insight and information into the overall benefits of hardware as a service offerings, and specifically this turnkey subscription service.

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