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Zoom r8 review – zoom r8 review:.All user reviews for the Zoom R8


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Classified Ads. News 1 1. Write a user review Not satisfied with those reviews? Request a new review. Our members also liked: Zoom H2n. Average Score:. Write a user review. Value For Money : Excellent. How long have you use it? Have you tried many other models before buying it? A multi roughly similar brand Tascam, and its big brother, the zoom R What thing do you like most?

It sets the tempo, the metronome can be set only while it record and therefore no tic tic in the final mix is launched, we play a guitar track, bam one instrument changes, we add a battery above, and so on How do you like the least?

Not much to say, go simulations bass guitar are not convincing anyway I n”ai never seen one indeed able to make it sound like a bass guitar Editing drum track using the pads is not very easy even though I have not used much since playing on my Roland TD4 instead.

With experience, you do again this choice? With experience and especially money I think I will turn to the R16 in order to record 8 instruments at the same time practical enough to repeat them with friends.

View price information. But I want to record and retrieve the feeling of a whole, not just a guitar. Korg Sound On Sound that I had bought previously was a real headache.

The there is all the buttons you need to avoid the improbable and impossible to memorize combinations. I can work with in the chair for seated work rhythms and sequences, and go settle down with microphones, cables and guitars etc in a wink. Clearly not a pro tool production, but for models it is perfect. I hesitated, but now I really do not regret my purchase.

I use the Zoom R8 past few months relatively simple laptop is its biggest assets and currently serves me interface to control cubase and also occasionally sound card, the latency is around 15 ms but strangely it is less reamping perceptible than in my external sound card which however is only 2 ms The preamp is very powerful and this gene in the long run, how to say the sound is a bit “muffled” but it gives a particular color especially on guitars, very nice, there are many effects I used it a few can swing either during or after its decision, the drum machine is a drum machine can create his patterns but it is a power head or he must purchase the software sold separately for AC and more ….

Menestrel de malheur. When I saw the size I hallucinated seen proposed is simply amazing functions. As against this will necessarily sacrificing flexibility pads, zippers, buttons and pots but it is not that we look with this kind of machine. I had 1 October digital tracks in the same brand as m lasted nearly 12 years but even when cost euros new and did not have as many features, for about 4 times the size of that one.

Modern, simple, effective, cheap and may be suitable for both beginners and pros looking for a portable solution or small. A genuine Swiss Army knife. I use it for 3 months. This is a machine that is forgotten because it is so easy to use. I had other multitrack before but it loops through its function is really well thought out. I record a vocal rhythm, I put the loop and go to compose a new song. Everything is intuitive although some points need to read the manual. I do not use effects so I can talk about it.

A product t…. A product that allows you to dial anywhere, which is well thought out, thank you to the engineers at Zoom. This is my first multitrack before I recorded with a mixing desk Yamaha MG who was returning in a laptop. One day I dropped my PC so I walked in to make a standalone solution and resell the small table yam.

No history of multitrack, I wonder if it would really help me. Well now I can not let go. I got a portable recording config. All stand in a backpack a hand guitar, bass and drums! The recording quality is really good, the drum sounds are convincing and the effects do their job but as I rework everything on pc after I is not too much. But I find them very good …. But I find them very good for the condenser microphone for the guitar a little less especially the cleans that are not too much.

There are still a few weeks, I boarded my backpack, a guitar to go to my grandparents and I came back with two complete recordings Also during our rehearsals, table mix goes into the recorder and 2-step, we have all the instruments or the first time recorded drums and bass and second rounds, or are recorded guitar and vocals A recommended.

It’s simple, I wanted a tool to replace my old PC that I used to do most of the sequences: I found it! With the Zoom r8, we created rhythms archi-fast playing live with pads or making a “step by step”, there has been super easy, the effects are clean and many in insert with clean, distortion, mic, and so on.

This is exactly what I wanted, and it’s good stuff. So I’ve had little time and I must admit it is great being able to share in addition to audio files or audio tracks with samples or sequence programmable sample is quite what I looking for my future compos I must admit it is so top that I wonder if I will not invest in the r The effects are good and well, you can program its banks..

I would do this choice. I R8 for two weeks. What is so special that you like most and least? The -: The multi effects did not yet convinced. I had a Zommer MRS8 which has served me well for 5 years. It was my reference in the field and when I saw the R8 came out I sold the “old” to offer me the latest version. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Configure my preferences Accept all Our cookies. You can find more details on data protection in our privacy policy.

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Zoom r8 – User review –


There are several things that make an R8 better than a Tascam DP. I had no problems with the DP, but it doesn’t have anywhere near as many features as the R8 does.

The only thing that would make the R8 better – and bear in mind this is really splitting hairs here – is if the R8 had some way to connect wirelessly to a phone or a laptop via Bluetooth. With the wireless feature, you could transfer projects to and from a phone or a laptop without having to mess around with any wires. True, project files are big as they are raw WAVs, and it would take a while to transfer them. Bluetooth would still be a nice-to-have thing.

But not necessary. Go get an R8 here. You can’t do any better for this size. If you need more features and the ability to record up to 8 things simultaneously at once, get the R16 instead. The big, bold string acoustic you can afford It doesn’t get much bigger or bolder than this for a string. Will looper drums ever not suck? It is amazing that this problem still exists. Casio FW cheat sheet A quick guide on how to set the time, date and a few other tips and tricks.

But then there are certain models that are weird for one reason or another. Gibson’s “Norlin era” electric guitars Norlin era Gibsons are some of the worst guitars Gibson ever made. Find out why.

Let’s find out. Guitar options for nickel allergy sufferers Having a nickel allergy absolutely sucks. If you have one, you’re already well aware of it. But thankfully you have options. Yes, they exist, and they’re right here. Zoom R8 review Back in October I bought the above Zoom R8 you see, have been recording with it off and on for the past few months, and this is the update on how it’s fared out so far.

The bad stuff Failure rate? It could also easily be taken to a rehearsal room or gig to capture the sound of the whole band or perhaps a stereo drum track that you could use as a basis for further overdubs – either done on the R8 itself, or in Cubase on a computer, using the R8 as an audio interface.

For its asking price, the R8 offers a lot of whizz for your wonga, straddling the worlds of hardware and software recording – and could well prove to be your ideal introduction to both. Trevor Curwen has played guitar for several decades — he’s also mimed it on the UK’s Top of the Pops.

Much of his working life, though, has been spent behind the mixing desk, during which time he has built up a solid collection of the guitars, amps and pedals needed to cover just about any studio session. Home Reviews Guitarist. MusicRadar Verdict. It has a built in chromatic tuner, as well as a metronome, and has a basic drum machine the latter only available for use in stand alone mode , and built in EFX. The effects can only be used at a It also has compatibility with a footswitch for external input.

It plays back the audio form your DAW, and monitors your input live from the unit. For Windows, it has a 32 and bit driver available, and in MacOS, you need no drivers. It does not support Linux. Track recordings are simply WAV files stored in a song’s audio folder, and a little data file tells the R8 which ones are currently assigned to physical tracks.

There’s also a stereo Master track for making mixdowns, and that, too, has unlimited virtual track assignment. Mains power can also be used: there’s a mains adaptor into which you can plug the USB cable. Given that the R8’s footprint is smaller than a sheet of A4 and its depth is about the same as a cheese sandwich, the device should fit into a gig or shoulder bag fairly easily, and its reasonably solid build means that it is likely to withstand a few knocks.

This being the case, musicians on the move might find it useful as an on-the-spot tool for capturing ideas.

The fictional gigging musician that I suspect Zoom’s designers originally had in mind would kick things off by building a drum guide-track using the sequencer and rhythm sounds, and would then plug in an instrument and create some material for looping if none of the MB of supplied loops are to taste , this time using the sampler functions.

Even if lacking a microphone, the musician could capture a vocal or acoustic performance with the on-board pair of mics, which can be seen on either side, flanking the drum pads and data wheel. The combo sockets also accept quarter-inch jack plugs, so if our musician plays guitar or bass, they’ll be able to connect their instrument to the channel that is armed with a high-impedance switch, tune up using the on-board chromatic tuner, and then process their guitar overdubs with the amp-modelling insert effects.

On the trip back to the studio, Zoom’s musician could don their engineer hat, and start laying down a few test mixes; setting pan and EQ positions, adding reverbs and other send effects and then calling up various mastering processors to polish the results.

A ‘lite’ version of Cubase is included for anyone not already in possession of suitable software. Finally, to make the task of mixing a little more ‘hands-on’, they can set the R8 to works as a hardware control surface, using its faders, buttons and transport controls to operate the software’s main transport functions and certain mix parameters.

Of course, most potential customers will already have other gear, whether it’s a MIDI controller, sequencer, effects processor, audio interface or microphone, and therefore won’t use the R8 so ‘completely’, but being able to carry one thing around, rather than lots of separate bits of kit, is an attractive prospect. Studying the R8’s features a little more closely, it is the rhythm and sampling tools that look like the ones most users will find the hardest to get to grips with, as they require the most editing and forethought.

Just like an old-fashioned drum machine, the rhythm sequencer has preset rhythm patterns of them which can be edited, saved and arranged to create backings for songs. Sequencing is done either by creating drum hits in the on-screen timing grid using the control wheel, arrow keys and Enter button, or by playing the touch-sensitive pads situated below the faders, letting ‘quantisation’ move errant beats into place.

Of course, simply selecting preset patterns and arranging them is another option. I don’t have a great computer, so I experienced many problems right off the bat trying to use my computer to record. I experienced latency while recording, which set off the timing off all my tracks. My sound card was a piece of crap. I also suffer from severe OCD, and really wanted something simple and clean to organize all of my recordings on.

This did all of that and more. The recorder itself will do exactly what most of you what: record from a connected condenser microphone, and allow you to mix and pan all of the tracks. You can also connect various other hardware such as synthesizers, drum machines, and more. You can plug your electric guitar directly into the device and it has digital amp settings in there with loads of effects you can play around with. You know those digital pedalboards by companies such as Digitech?

It’s very similar to something like that. You can of course do simple edits to adjust the panning, adjust EQ There are “mastering” effects on here, which are presets that will automatically make your mix sound professional and incredible. If you record vocals and an acoustic guitar track, and then turn on the “warm” or “live” mastering preset, the difference is night and day. I haven’t gotten into this feature as much as I’d like, but this device functions as a sampler.

My favorite part about recording with this recorder at first was how easy it is to loop tracks. You can play a simple riff on guitar and loop it on one track, and use the other tracks to record tracks over in real time. But you can use this principle to use this as a sampler in live performance situations. I can take an MP3 of a song, load it onto the recorder, chop the part of the sample I want to use all ON the recorder, set it to loop, connect my drum machine, and play the drums live with the sample.

If you have a very cheap, basic drum machine, you can effectively turn it into an MPC style device just by attaching it to this recorder. The one issue that stopped this product from being the absolute best purchase I’ve made in recent years is the drum machine.

It includes a built in drum machine with drum pads along the bottom It doesn’t include drum samples you can just mix and match to make awesome drum kits.

It includes a handful of really digital sounding, crappy kits that sound very un-even and stand out in the mix. You can look up videos online of people trying to do this, it’s a lot of hassle and doesn’t work. It’s nice that they included the drum machine, however. There are maybe one or two kits that are usable. But it’s a great feature to have when writing songs and brainstorming. If you’re already working out guitar parts on the recorder, it’s so easy to just record a hi-hat rhythm with a kick and snare that will be perfectly synced up to your recording in a matter of seconds.

I am extremely tired and feel like I’m rambling on, but this device is so much more than just something that will record and playback what you send through it. It’s truly a home studio in a box. I’ve played guitar as a pro and semi-pro for over 40 years and made a number of instrumental recordings using a Zoom H4N.

I recently retired from my engineering day job and decided that now is the time to start arranging and recording all the original songs I’ve written over the years. The Zoom R24 was the right tool for the job. The R24 is small and lightweight but loaded with great features. Having H4N experience helped in learning the interfaces and file structure. It even offers guitar amp modeling although I prefer my own guitar preamps.

I have done solo acoustic arrangements as well those with a rhythm section and multiple guitar overdubs.


Zoom r8 review – zoom r8 review:

Recording is done to SD cards and you can record смотрите подробнее or a pair of tracks at once, either through the onboard mics, external mics or instruments connected to the two inputs, one of which can be switched to Hi-Z to take a direct guitar or bass signal.